Game Bird Photo Book


Professional photographs of game birds with black and white pattern of each. Perfect reference material for artists and more.


Game Bird Reference Photo Book – Volume 1

This Game Bird Photo Book contains 20 high quality color photographs of Quail, Pheasants, Chukars, Grouse, and wild Turkey. Also, with each color photograph you also get a special black and white pattern of the bird that is perfect for tracing, carving and more.

Kelly has taken each color photograph and converted it into a detailed black and white pattern that you can use to transfer onto your own art project.  The black and white pattern gives you the texture, patterns and fine lines that you will need to duplicate this pattern in your artwork, while the color photograph shows you the actual game bird in perfect detail.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Use the Black and White Pattern to transfer the bird onto your own art project.
  2. Use the High Detailed Color Photograph to add the fine detail including color.
  3. The result is an anatomically perfect bird (without spending hundred of hours gathering your own reference material).


Additional information

Weight 0.35 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 8 x .5 in